Drought 2021

With 100% of the state in the moderate drought category and 90% of the state experiencing extreme drought, Gov. Spencer J. Cox issued an Executive Order declaring a state of emergency due to drought conditions.

While Bona Vista water provides your drinking water, not secondary water, the depletion of secondary water could adversely impact our drinking water supply.  When water levels reach a dangerously low level, secondary water will be shut off giving priority to culinary water use (drinking, cooking, etc.). 

Pineview Water, the largest secondary water supplier in our area has released a statement about their intent for the season.  A copy of this letter was included in your June bills and can be found below. 

It will take each of us doing our part to conserve to make it through this drought.  We strongly encourage our customers to do their part and cut back on their water usage.


What is the difference between Culinary and Secondary water? 

Secondary is water that is simply piped and distributed as is from sources such as Pineview Reservoir.

Culinary is treated and cleaned so that it is safe for consumption.

Do not use treated drinking water for outdoor use!

There are many resources available for ways to conserve water.  Here are a few restrictions and suggestions for our area:

  • Outdoor watering:
    • Do not water between 10 am and 6 pm.
    • Maintain and properly adjust your irrigation system to avoid wasting water. Overwatering, broken sprinklers, and excessive overspray, can result in thousands of gallons down the drain.
    • Adjust watering based on weather. Do not water during or after a rain shower and do not water when it is windy.
    • Grass needs less water than you think.  Concentrate on keeping turf and vegetation ALIVE rather than VIBRANT.
  • Avoid hard-surface washing of sidewalks and driveways. Do not use a hose to clean off your driveway or gutters, use a broom.
  • Wash your vehicles a little less frequently and consider using a car wash. Most car washes recycle a percentage of their water for re-use.  If you are going to wash your vehicle at home, put a nozzle on your hose  and wash it on the lawn or any permeable surface for dual usage of water.
  • Outdoor water activities.
    • Use a swimming pool cover when the pool is not in use.
    • Lower the pool water level by four inches to minimize water loss from splashing.
    • Do not use sprinkler type water toys, they will use more water than you realize.
    • Consider getting a pass to a local pool or swim park.


Conservation Resources:

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