Bona Vista provides drinking water  to residents living within the boundaries of the District which includes the cities of Plain City, Farr West, Harrisville and Marriott-Slaterville.  To make it convenient for their residents, these cities have contracted with Bona Vista to bill for services that they offer their residents such as garbage, recycling, storm water, etc.  This allows residents to pay a single bill each month instead of two or more. 

Secondary Water, or untreated water intended for watering lawns, gardens, etc. is not provided by Bona Vista.  There are a few secondary water suppliers in the area.  Contact information for those suppliers are listed below as well.

If you have questions regarding services other than your drinking water, please use the contact information below to contact your city offices or other local service provider. 

Entity Phone Website Address
Farr West City 801-731-4187
1896 North 1800 West, Farr West UT 84404
Harrisville City 801-782-9648 363 West Independence Boulevard, Harrisville UT 84404
Marriott-Slaterville City 801-627-1919 1570 West 400 North, Marriott-Slaterville UT 84404
Mountain View Irrigation  801.731.7252 4960 West 2200 North, Plain City UT 84404
North Ogden City 801-782-8111 505 East 2600 North, North Ogden UT 84414
Ogden City Public Works 801-629-8000 133 West 29th Street, Ogden UT 84401
Pineview Secondary Water 801-621-6555 471 West 2nd Street, Ogden UT 84404
Plain City 801-731-4908 4160 West 2200 North, Plain City UT 84404
Pleasant View City 801-782-8529 520 West Elberta Drive, Pleasant View UT 84414
West Haven City 801-731-4519 4150 South 3900 West, West Haven UT 84401